"Books are the ultimate Dumpees: put them down and they’ll wait for you forever; pay attention to them and they always love you back." - John GreenAn Abundance of Katherines (via feellng)

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In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:

  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’

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don’t trust college kids. I threw a party w plenty of food/drinks shit even weed and I wake up and you know what’s missing? my pineapple. who went to the back of my fridge and said imma take all this pineapple. damn son. take the free alcohol not my pineapple man…

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cosmo sex tip #669


when you grab his shaft, yell “pull the lever kronk”

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Cosmo Sex Tip #762


When they spread your legs, pull them in close and whisper in their ear, “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware.”

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Zac Efron



team 5’5 and under where ya at

they didn’t let us in they thought we were 12

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